Samstag, 27. August 2016

Situation in the US

On my recent US trip, it was getting more obvious what I feared and predicted for the American beer scene already in the past. The amount of breweries is still growing while the constant need of rotation is going on in a more radical speed then it used to be. This is because of the amount of breweries and through that also to the fact that popular beer styles are getting done in so many different versions that they are falling out of the trend rather quickly and there is a need for the next trend already more soon.
In my 5 weeks trip, I was quite surprised to see pretty much in every bar I visited at least one Gose on draft. So many different interpretations and not that many really had something in common with the classic, very balanced and nuanced beer originally from Germany. Just the opposite, I found many extreme versions which were challenging in sourness, saltiness and in the amount of coriander or other spices. I wonder when the Gose trend will be over again and the next trend is all around...
At the same time, unique concepts and ideas are copied in so many ways so fast and take away something of the specialty of these great philosophies. The amount of "farmhouse breweries" and everything about it is a good example for that. I think that whole idea will get copied in so many ways and perverted in a marketing way by bigger brewery companies in a rather close future. Then it will be even more necessary for people to know about the original places, people, beers and ideas and a bigger amount of people get fooled for some fake stuff. Well, at the end of the day, it will be the same business shit going on in other businesses as well and our truly amazing beer world will get more eaten up by the big guys. Capitalism at it's best....

So friends, let's work on stuff and ideas they can't take us away (at least so quickly) and spread our true and original philosophies even more!!

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